Terms of rental cars from GF Rent a car

1. Requirements for the driver and necessary documents
a). To hire a car driver (renter) must be at least 21 years old and have a driver's license, valid at least one year, control card, identity card (passport) and a valid credit card at the time of renting a car.
b). If the driver is under 21 years is due to surcharge "young leader" and have special conditions for the guarantee deposit (item 10 / d).
c). Rented vehicle can be driven only by persons entered into the lease. After the request can be authorized and additional persons being granted and their personal documents.

2. Responsibilities and obligations of the tenant.
a). The renter is obliged to refer carefully to the rented vehicle, ensuring the normal operation of the engine and monitor the oil level and coolant to protect and lock the vehicle;
b). In case of damage, loss or termination of the lease Lessee must return the vehicle used are in the form in which it is obtained without defects;
c). Lessee is fully responsible for all violations and must pay all fines imposed during the use of the vehicle as well as for all possible consequences incurred violations of the laws of the country.
d). Lessee is fully responsible for the actions of the driver of the rented vehicle;
g). You may not use the rented vehicle:
- if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
- for competitions, sports events and driving off-road;
- for tests and experimental driving;
- for subletting to third parties;
- for criminal acts;
- for the carriage of dangerous goods and tow other vehicles;
f). With a rented vehicle can be released abroad after only blot consent of Lessor. The fee for issuing a power of attorney is €20 - €70.

3. insurance
a). Provided vehicles are included standard liability insurance Insurance "Casco" and "theft". Personal liability in case of damage is limited to the amount of the deposit; Additional insurance of 12 euros a day completely limited liability insurance "Casco".
b). Car insurance becomes invalid upon:
- damages listed in the police report;
- damage caused by the carriage of dangerous goods;
- damage caused by off-road;
- damage caused by unlicensed and unauthorized drivers;
- damage occurring after use of alcohol or other intoxicating substances;
- damage caused by improper repairs;
- damage caused after leaving the country without permission of the Lessor;
c). Car insurance does not cover:
- damage to the chassis, cracked or cut tires, damaged rims, hubcaps, scratches from the bushes;
- damage to the interior and shortages of cars;
- damage caused after refueling not meeting standards and prescribed by the manufacturer;
- destruction or theft of the vehicle, keys, number, antenna, broken windows inadvertently;
- not the return of extra equipment provided;
- as well as theft of personal belongings from the vehicle.
d). Insurance of car seats is available for an additional fee of € 4 per day.

4. Incidents / theft / damage alerts.
a). In case of accident or damage to the vehicle renter is obligated to immediately notify the Lessor and Police to prepare a protocol regardless of who is to blame for the accident. The renter must ensure all the known facts, circumstances, witnesses and data to compile the act about the accident and the lessor and the insurance company complete assistance in accident and damage. Upon refusal of police to draw up a protocol for accidents Lessee is required to prepare such a manuscript.
b). In case of accident, damage or failure to take all necessary measures for saving, limiting and / or reducing damage to the rented vehicle, according to the insurance company.


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